A Playback Theatre Performance

Stories of invisible identities

Important aspects of our identity may not be evident to others. Examples of invisible identities we can explore are disability, religion, class background, sexual orientation and gender identity, political beliefs, and more. In this performance, we’ll explore the impact of having important parts of ourselves hidden and how things change when they become known to others.

Friday August 16 at 19 pm.

Ekskäret Klustret, Birger Jarlsgatan 58 in Stockholm, Sweden

150 SEK.

What to expect: A few audience volunteers share from their personal experiences.  Then improvisational actors portray the heart of what they heard using music, movement, and dialogue. Stories can be ordinary or extraordinary, difficult or joyful. You can volunteer to share a moment from your life or simply come to witness. As the stories emerge, the audience and actors can gain fresh perspectives, deeper connections, and a renewed appreciation for our common humanity.

Christopher and Anne Ellinger and Amber Espar from True Story Theater in Boston, USA will perform with Swedish musician Ann-Sofie Wensbo.

Christopher and Anne Ellinger and Amber Espar will also give a workshop. Read more about them and the workshop:  A Playback Theatre Workshop  and their theatre company:  True Story Theater

Ann-Sofie Wensbo has worked professionaly as a Playback Theatre Musician for 13 years, as a member of the Swedish Playback company Teater X. She is also a music teacher, freelance musician and singer/songwriter. Read more about her here: Wensbo Music and the Playback company: Teater X

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